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The Masters to less than 100 GRT course is an add-on to 3B’s OUPV (6-pack) or for prospective students that currently hold an OUPV (6-pack) license. After successfully completing this course, students can apply for a Masters 25, 50 or 100 GRT license. A USCG Masters License authorizes you to operate inspected passenger vessels with more than 6 passengers for hire. Depending on your experience, the US Coast Guard will issue qualified applicants a 25, 50 or 100 GRT license. 

This course is 24 hours of classroom time spread out over three 8 hour days. A final exam of 50 multiple choice questions is given on the last day of class and requires a minimum of passing grade of 70%. 

Students that successfully complete this course (100% Attendance and 70% on final exam), are issued a Certificate of Completion that must be presented to the US Coast Guard along with a completed application package for a Masters License. 

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