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The OUPV or more commonly known as the “6-pack” course is our “base” course for the Masters and/or Assistance Towing courses. An OUPV license is required for experienced mariners looking to operate uninspected fishing charters, dive boats, sightseeing boats, ferries and sailing charters. A “6-pack” license is required for anyone operating a vessel with 6 or less passengers for hire.

This course is 56 hours of classroom time normally spread out over three weekends (Fri., 6pm-10pm, Sat and Sun., 8am-5pm). There are four final exams (Deck, Navigation, Plotting and Rules of the Road) which are administered on the last day of class. The Deck and Navigation exams consists of 50 multiple choice questions and require a minimum score of 70% to pass. The Rules of the Road exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and requires a minimum score of 90% to pass. Finally, the plotting exam consists of 10 multiple choice questions and requires a minimum of passing grade of 90%.

Students that successfully complete this course (100% Attendance and passing scores on final exams), are issued a Certificate of Completion that must be presented to the US Coast Guard along with a completed application package for an OUPV license.

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